“It was a pleasure working with Sara on this project – we didn’t think of her as a contractor but as a part of the team as her dedication to the work was equal to any of the team members.” Dorothy Adams, Lead, Social Investment Unit

A project to test the feasibility and ethics of applying Predictive Modelling to the prevention of child maltreatment was undertaken at MSD from 2013-2015. Sara was contracted as Programme Manager for a significant phase of this challenging and trail-blazing project (November 2013 to December 2014) when important research, testing and stakeholder activity took place.

Sara’s long experience in public sector central agencies (State Services Commission and the Department of Internal Affairs) and her reputation for sensitive management of people dynamics in challenging projects were key to undertaking this role. Sara worked closely with Tier 2 and 3 managers from a range of public service departments, especially the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health.

The role involved, for example, planning, coordinating responses to and writing papers (departmental and ministerial), establishing and organising working groups.