Polson Higgs

“Sara has brought a healthy combination of information management skills and strong governance to her consulting assignment at Polson Higgs. These skills and experience combined with her understanding of the capability of Microsoft SharePoint continue to provide added value to our understanding and practice of information management in the 21st century” Shane Boyle, IT Manager

Polson Higgs is a firm of Business Advisors and Chartered Accountants based in Dunedin, with around 60 permanent staff.

In 2014 Polson Higgs’ IT Manager asked Elucidate to undertake a review of PH’s Microsoft SharePoint environment. Polson Higgs had been using SharePoint for document management and Intranet for a couple of years and wanted an independent review to assess the effectiveness of their adoption and use of SharePoint. Elucidate undertook this review and subsequently recommended some improvements including new information management governance structures and processes. Sara was then asked by the Polson Higgs Executive Management Team to implement Elucidate’s recommendations, and chair the newly established SharePoint and Information Management Group. Since then, Sara has continually encouraged and facilitated PH people to be collaborative owners of SharePoint as a fundamental platform for PH operations.

Elucidate has now worked successfully with Polson Higgs for over 2 years, and continues to assist PH to strengthen its maturity in approaching information management as a key ingredient for its success.



Mornington Health Centre

Mornington Health Centre is one of the largest in New Zealand. MHC’s Chief Executive and Head Nurse had identified the need for improved communications and information management within this sizeable practice.

Sara worked closely with all staff to discover what they needed to do their work better to improve their services to patients. She also facilitated early discussion and initial requirements gathering about patient portal software, ManageMyHealth. Sara recommended simple solutions such as standardising email addresses and an intranet to centrally manage meetings, staff leave and practice policies and guides.

Sara also translated the challenging practice-wide communication issues she learned about into a recommendation for a forum where practice-wide discussions could raise and solve issues (GPs, nurses, receptionists, administrative staff). This was intended to improve knowledge sharing (including expertise in Medtech32, MHC’s practice management software) and blur the boundaries between practitioners and staff.

Ministry of Social Development - The Children’s Action Plan

“It was a pleasure working with Sara on this project – we didn’t think of her as a contractor but as a part of the team as her dedication to the work was equal to any of the team members.” Dorothy Adams, Lead, Social Investment Unit

A project to test the feasibility and ethics of applying Predictive Modelling to the prevention of child maltreatment was undertaken at MSD from 2013-2015. Sara was contracted as Programme Manager for a significant phase of this challenging and trail-blazing project (November 2013 to December 2014) when important research, testing and stakeholder activity took place.

Sara’s long experience in public sector central agencies (State Services Commission and the Department of Internal Affairs) and her reputation for sensitive management of people dynamics in challenging projects were key to undertaking this role. Sara worked closely with Tier 2 and 3 managers from a range of public service departments, especially the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health.

The role involved, for example, planning, coordinating responses to and writing papers (departmental and ministerial), establishing and organising working groups.


Ocho - The Otago Chocolate Company

"Sara is very active on social media, regularly posting or commenting about Ocho and using her connections to boost Ocho's social media reach." Liz Rowe

Elucidate has in-depth experience in the use of social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, and also Storify. Liz Rowe, the owner of Ocho, needed Elucidate’s help to boost the social media presence of her business as it moved into an important expansion phase.

Ocho is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker, using beans sourced from Pacific Islands. Sara works closely with Liz to ensure that social media messaging is timely, relevant and consistent. Since January 2016 there has been a significant increase in Ocho’s social media presence and engagement with customers and others interested in this special single-origin chocolate.


Department of Internal Affairs - Government Information Services

Elucidate’s strong connections with and experience in government online information, as well social media savvy, led to Sara being asked to manage the Twitter account of www.govt.nz, the all of government services website. 

This involves, for example, regular monitoring of the account’s activity, tweeting development information and testing requests for the www.govt.nz site, promoting www.govt.nz content via tweets, and monitoring and re-tweeting other government agency accounts.

Sara’s long experience in this area (since 2001 in fact) means that the complexities and subtleties of government structures, communications, functions, and so on are skillfully taken into account when using this communication channel.



Accuro is a small health insurance provider for health professionals.  As an associate of a consultancy company in Wellington, Knoware, Sara worked with Accuro’s Chief Executive and Management Team to define priorities and the implementation plan for information and data management strategy. Sara developed and ran a comprehensive workshop process and delivered a recommendations report which was progressively implemented over 2014/2015.

In late 2015 Knoware was asked to assist the company to take further steps on the information and data management path. Sara worked with other Knoware colleagues to recommend the best data governance structure for Accuro, and also provided a draft data dictionary template to enable data elements to be described and used with consistency.

These new parts of the information management framework are helping Accuro to work more effectively (and efficiently) for clients.